Current Health Care Condition in Indonesia,the Opportunities of Private Investment and the role of Health Professional Organization.

2014-10-06 08:35:30

Author : M. Ahmad Djojosugito *, Cholid Badri, Fathema D Rahmat, Atik H Maryanti and Laksono Trisnantoro

With the enactment of the law of National Social Security System (2004) and National Body for the Implementation of Social Security (2012), the universal health insurance coverage in Indonesia, which was started by 2014, is planned to be achieved by 2019. During those periode the condition of healthcare facilities (hardware and software) is considered to be not yet optimal. To optimize the condition, the government had been enhancing the participation of private sector in the development of Sustainable Health Care System.

Since the enactment of the Ministry of Health Regulation on the opening of the for-profit-private- investment in hospital establishmentin the decade of 1990, the hospital and hospital network establishment had been growing. By 2014, there are 5 big companies, which had established hospital and hospital network. Some of the government owned companies had also established hospital and hospital network.

To be able to maintain the social function of the hospital business, the Indonesian Medical Association, in cooperation with the Ministry of Cooperative and Small Enterprise,founded Indonesian Medical Association Primary Cooperative in 2002, to safeguard the quality, efficiency and equity of healthcare service to the people, especially to prevent inequality of services.

Since healthcare is one of the fundamental need of people, currently some health sector cooperative activist, with the assistance of Cooperative Banks and the Ministry of Cooperative and Small Enterprise, tried establish a business model which concern with people health need (as consumer of health services), concern with health care operator (doctors and other healthworker) as well as concern with investor. All activities is to realize the healthcare business which is owned by the people, run by the people, financed by people and for the sake of the people, but which is still prfotitable to the investor.

The presentation will show the process, the difficulties and the effort to overcome the difficulties and also the mutual beneficial asssistance which are expected from the future for-profit-investor.


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